Sunday, July 3, 2011

Blue Skies

Is there any point in my acknowledgement that I suck at blogging? I remember back in the day, before facebook and even myspace, I would blog daily. If not twice a day. Good ole xanga. Obviously I do not do this, though I really think I need to.

Of course, I work my butt off and cannot keep up with life outside of work. Don't believe me? Well, I tried to prove it but, I have forgotten how to add a picture. My poor dry erase board is full of 3-11 all over it. (That's my shift, just so you know). I believe my boss is trying to work me too hard. Silly her. If she does that then I will be on bedrest unable to work at all.

Speaking of... pregnancy is a lot different than I remember. I do not remember being sick ALL day. I am pretty sure that by the time I hit 12 weeks it magically went away. 14 weeks and I am still sick all the time. Add car sickness and I am pretty miserable daily. I'm really happy to be having a healthy baby so far but I could really do without the fight not to puke.

One day I promise to write more... more meaningful things. Right now I can't.

But I will leave with a question... what kind of person ignores their child? Adult or otherwise?