Friday, December 3, 2010

That's What You Get

Tonight I come to you from my lovely work...

I am literally being paid to sit on my butt, and do whatever I want as long as I keep a resident from leaving her room. Easy money. I am here from 2pm to 11pm. 9 wonderous hours of getting paid to do what I would normally do on my day off. Oh, did I not mention today was supposed to be my day off? Well it was. Then I signed up for this gig. Its pretty sweet.

In other news... Christmas is coming around... don't you know.
I have been crying for a new camera for at least the last month and a half. Not crying but, I've given more hints about what I want than anyone else. It's been known. So please tell me why my boyfriend was thinking about getting me jewlery.

Don't get me wrong, I love jewlery but I really really REALLY, did I say really?, want this camera. First he told my mom that he was going to get it so, I showed him exactly what I wanted without saying "hey I know you're going to buy me a camera, here is what I want". Just kinda threw it in there so he knew. Instead he sends my best friend a text about a necklace he thought I'd want. (Rough life I have huh?)

Here's to hoping my next 3 hours go a little fast and I get my camera for Christmas

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Remember To Breathe

I've been a little M.I.A lately. I don't get too much time to write when I work a lot. I've picked up extra hours because the holidays are coming and well who can't use extra money?

Speaking of work... There is this nurse there that really gets under my skin. I normally do not let people get to me, well people who aren't my family. But this lady makes my everyday at work hell. She has broken me down to tears on more than one occasion. While my boss knows what she does, nothing is being done about it. I love my job, mostly. I love my residents I take care of. They may be crazy, cranky, abusive but, they are mine. I don't know why she is unhappy all the time to make me and my best friend so unhappy but she really does. It's bad because she only treats Morgan and I this way. Many people have seen it and we can't for the life of us understand what we did to this lady. Just seeing her makes my day go down-hill. So, I did everything under the sun I could think of and then I did something I normally wouldn't do. I went to my (new) doctor and told her how I have been feeling. And I was put on medicine.
If you know me, you know that I hate taking medicine but, there really isn't much I can do anymore. I cannot just quit, my boss won't do anything and I cannot continue to be miserable. It isn't fair to my residents to be on edge all the time. So, yesterday I started it. So now this blog is my journey dealing with *sigh* anti-depressants. (I feel like some kind of a crazy person now. No offense to anyone who takes it. Including 1/2 my own family)

Any who. I would like to go back to my last blog.
I had my battery tested and, it is dead. So, It wasn't my lack of knowledge of how to put a battery back. The battery needs replacing. If after this gets replaced something else is bad... expect to see a bald Courtney around because I will pull all my hair out. I just need my car to work for a few more months. I plan on getting a new one after income tax comes. I think its due time. I get excited thinking about having a new car :) When I got mine I was in a bind and I really didn't like the car at all but, I NEEDED it. This next car won't be like that.

I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving. I'll be back after the Holiday :)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dude Looks Like a Lady

This is me. Hair done, make up on, and dressed to go out on the town. It doesn't happen that often I put that much effort into my hair. (notice I said hair, I happen to love having make up on.)
I was raised that I was not going to learn anything about cars. My ex-step dad didn't want his "daughter working in a mechanic shop". So, he literally taught me nothing. My knowledge of tools (or lack of) is humorous. I, until recently, only knew a screwdriver and a hammer by name. There was the flat screwdriver and there was the four headed one.
When I got married to my ex, his brother in law forced me to change a tire. I didn't like it and complained the entire time. My hands got dirty with tire stuff... gross. Then I went back to my ignorance is bliss life and didn't have to mess with a car other than to start it and put gas in it. Life was great. Until....
I had to get my own car and no longer had a man in m life to do all the stuff for me. I learned cars needed an oil change (Literally didn't know that). Slowly I learned how to replace a headlight, tail light heck, I learned how to open the hood of my car. I was doing so good... if I could only keep that nasty black stuff off my hands.
Then big stuff started happening. Battery died and I had to replace that (Thank you Walmart for doing that). But I later learned and helped replaced the connector (terminal) to the battery.
So I made the journey to Ohio, from Texas. Got here car was great till one night after work, my car decided it didn't want to start. No warning, nothing. Just plum wouldn't start.
So I spend about 200 on a fuel pump that my new step dad and uncle said I needed.... nope still wouldn't start. So then they both say "coil pack". My boyfriend says coil pack and 2 other sources say the same thing. So, I spend another $200 for two little things to go in my car. Boyfriend puts one it, I put the other in and....
The battery is dead! Ugh... can a girl just catch a break?!
I attempt to take the battery out but, I am too weak and cannot do it. So, Boyfriend comes over and provides a battery charger. We hook the battery up to the changer and I go to sleep with thoughts of my car working again.
I woke up this morning (afternoon) and run down to the basement, unhook the battery from the charger, struggle to carry it up the stairs because, its a lot heavier than it looks. Grab my coat, because 37 degree weather is COLD, and go out to test my luck with the battery. Hoping it does work cause if it doesn't, a bottle of wine has my name on it. I put the battery in and......
....... drum roll please......
The damn car still won't start. This current moment I am 100% sure its the battery not hooked up right because the power locks aren't working. Now its not HARD to hook a battery up but, I guess I just wasn't mean to do car stuff.

So, the car will sit till tomorrow or later. Tonight is the opening of Harry Potter (yes, I'm bracing the late night world for a midnight showing, tickets bought on Saturday) Then me and the boyfriend work 3-11 everyday till Tuesday.

On a side note, Giz is getting a lot of sleep watching me do all this work.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

She is

I decided to start a(nother) new blog. I can't seem to ever keep up with them but, hopefully I will with this one.
For starters, My name is Courtney. I am 22 years old. I currently live in a small town in Ohio. I have a dog named Gizmo. He is the light of my life. I wouldn't trade him for the world. I am working at a nursing home up here as a nurse aide. It is hard work but, it is a rewarding job... I just have to remind myself of that.
I have family and friends all over the US and a few out of the states. They have all play a part in my life. Each blog title will be a title of a song. Its the only way I could make music apart of my blog as it is a huge part of my life. Tomorrow's blog will start the real stuff.