Friday, December 3, 2010

That's What You Get

Tonight I come to you from my lovely work...

I am literally being paid to sit on my butt, and do whatever I want as long as I keep a resident from leaving her room. Easy money. I am here from 2pm to 11pm. 9 wonderous hours of getting paid to do what I would normally do on my day off. Oh, did I not mention today was supposed to be my day off? Well it was. Then I signed up for this gig. Its pretty sweet.

In other news... Christmas is coming around... don't you know.
I have been crying for a new camera for at least the last month and a half. Not crying but, I've given more hints about what I want than anyone else. It's been known. So please tell me why my boyfriend was thinking about getting me jewlery.

Don't get me wrong, I love jewlery but I really really REALLY, did I say really?, want this camera. First he told my mom that he was going to get it so, I showed him exactly what I wanted without saying "hey I know you're going to buy me a camera, here is what I want". Just kinda threw it in there so he knew. Instead he sends my best friend a text about a necklace he thought I'd want. (Rough life I have huh?)

Here's to hoping my next 3 hours go a little fast and I get my camera for Christmas

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  1. eww I love how guys are like that..but maybe he is just trying to fool you? men can be sneaky with that stuff ...I am trying to get shaun to get me an e-reader.. but now i have been looking at the ipad cause it can do the same thing with other gadgets too haha..

    cant go wrong with a job that does that though ? I feel the same way at my job .. the day will go sooo slow though.. but at least I didnt come out empty handed .. hope you have a wonderful xmas and get the camera you want!