Friday, August 26, 2011

Just call me Aunt Pushy

I became an Aunt a few years ago. My first nephew doesn't know me. It's very sad. It's his mother's fault. I see pictures through his Grandma (via facebook). She takes care of him. If I could get to Texas, I could go see him. Still he will not know who I am.

I am fortunate to have my other two nephews living VERY close. I am FeeFee to a super smart two year old boy, and currently Dadadadada to a beautiful 8 month baby boy. I am very active in their lives. The 8 month old is in the custody of my mom who does a great job. My two year old nephew lives at my mom's with his mother. I generally do not like to judge people's parenting on a negative level.

Lately, I have been doing so. I see how things are being done with him and I do not agree. I try not to over step the thin line. Once again, I have been doing a bad job at that too. She does not beat him, or anything out right terrible. It's the little things that I see that bother me so much. I don't claim to know everything about parenting but, I do know quite a few things.

I made the choice to open my mouth tonight. (& It wasn't the first time). I know deep down, she knows I am right. She can never even defend herself because her choices are wrong. If you know anything about me, you know that I love my nephews and would go to the end of the earth for them.

It may or may not have been wrong, but if their parent's aren't there to do the right thing and take their side, who will?

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