Sunday, May 8, 2011

Then Slowly Grows

Keeping true to myself, which is a good thing to do since the blog is called "Constantly Courtney", I suck at blogging. I haven't in about a month, well less, but still. It's amazing what has changed since I posted my last blog.
My last blog that states something along the lines of, I am not ready for a baby. Funny I should write that because I was unknowingly 15 days pregnant. According to the calculations anyways. Of course that is subject to change.
So, now I guess this can be a blog through pregnancy (again). And keeping up with everything, hoping I make it to full term and have a healthy baby no matter the sex. Contrary to what some may say, I will never care what sex comes out as long as it is a healthy baby.
So here is what I've currently learned from this pregnancy:
*I hate all foods minus fruit, veggies, and water.
*I am still lactose intolerant (though still hoping that changes)
*I have no patience for anything. My fuse couldn't be shorter.

Fred's doing amazing with everything. He couldn't be more tolerable to me and my terrible moods. Someone must think a lot about me to put him in my life. I cannot remember anyone ever being this good to me always.

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  1. all I have to say is Fred and You are too cute!!